"A special place where you are called by your first name....and know your health needs are attended with compassionate professional care, as well as, a friendly smile."

—  Larry C. 

Port Perry's Premier Pharmacy

Caring for the community, one patient at a time.

After 21 years serving the Scugog community as an award-winning pharmacist in a corporate retail pharmacy, Douglas Brown had a vision to offer more personal and professional pharmacy services in an environment that was warmer, more inviting and provided a private setting for the comfort of patients.

Opening in 2015, Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry has quickly established a solid reputation of providing exemplary care and service to their patients. Mr. Brown and his staff have lived and worked in Scugog for over 20 years and are Port Perry’s most experienced pharmacy team. Close professional relationships and collaboration with prescribers and other healthcare professionals ensure comprehensive and timely solutions to better health.

Come and see the difference we can make in your health!

What We Do Best

Medication & Health Experts


We know you can get a prescription filled almost anywhere these days, but did you know your choice of pharmacist can make a big difference? Experience the best care at our pharmacy.

Reliable + Friendly Staff

Our staff have a professional reputation and a combined service of over 70 years providing empathetic care for the Scugog Community and beyond!

Advice and Counselling

We offer sound advice, empathy and individualized care & attention. Our Travel Health Clinic and Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic are two of our popular programs. 

Free Delivery

We realize many of our patients can't get out and pick up their medications. That's why we offer Free Delivery! Our dedicated delivery staff provide service right to your doorstep. In emergencies, we can even get your medication to you in minutes*


As a long serving member of Scugog, Doug knows his town and is an important collaborator amongst the healthcare community. He uses these relationships to the benefit of his patients and their caregivers. Doug believes in the power of the local touch, living, working and raising his family Scugog.


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L9L 1H9


9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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