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Full Prescription Services

We know you can get a prescription filled almost anywhere these days, but did you know your choice of pharmacist can make a big difference? Come and see why we're different in an awesome sort of way.

Flu Shot &
Injection Services

Save a trip to the doctor’s office! In addition to the flu shot we can administer injections for 13 preventable diseases.

Ostomy Supplies
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Our Services

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Travel Health Clinic



You've spent thousands of dollars planning the vacation of your dreams. 

Lower your risk of illness spoiling your trip by making an appointment with our full-service travel health clinic!


  Bring any expired medications, unused prescriptions or sharps to our pharmacy and we will safely and conveniently dispose of them free of charge!  

Free Disposal of Expired/Discontinued Medications and Sharps



Medical Devices-01.png

We stock drainage bags, flanges, pouches and more.

Diabetic Meter-01.png
Diabetic Meter Training

All of our pharmacists are up to date with the current diabetic meter technology and can help you manage your diabetes effectively. 

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Pharmacogenomic Testing

We have the capability to easily test your DNA to predict your response to certain drugs!   

Free Delivery
Free Delivery-01.png

We realize many of our patients can't get out and pick up their medications. That's why we offer Free Delivery! Our dedicated delivery staff provide service right to your doorstep. In emergencies, we can even get your medication to you in minutes*

Smoking Cessation-01.png
Smoking Cessation



We are committed to help support your goals and personal quit plan.    

Medication & Health Experts

Transferring your prescriptions is easy - we take care of everything!

Call us today: 905.985.9200

Medication & Health
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